Gym Memberships include access to all classes.

St. Charles Avenue Athletic Club Indoor Group Training sessions are extra.


Monday 6:00 AM – WARFIT
(1 hr/Warlette)
5:30 PM – HITT (High Intensity Interval Training)
(30 min/Laura)
(45 min/Erica)
6:00 PM – SPIN
(1 hr/Warlette)
Tuesday 6:00 AM – WARFIT
(1 hr/Warlette)
5:30 PM – ZUMBA
(1 hr/Claudia)
6:00 PM – SPIN
(1 hr/Warlette)
6:30 PM – YOGA (Intermediate Class)
(1.5 hrs/Christine)
Wednesday 6:00 PM – ABS ZONE
(30 min/Erica)
6:30 PM – BUTTS & LEGS
(30 min/Erica)
Thursday 6:00 AM – WARFIT
(1 hr/Warlette)
5:30 PM – Total Body Circuit
(1hr / Laura)
6:30 PM – YOGA/PILATES (Intermediate)
(1.5 hrs/Christine)
Saturday 9:00 AM – Total Body Circuit
(1 hr/Laura)
10:00 AM – ZUMBA
(1 hr/Claudia)
11:00 AM – ABS ZONE
(30 min/Erica)
Sunday 9:00 AM – SPIN
(1 hr/Warlette)

**Daily passes include classes.



HITT – High intensity interval training is one of the most effective ways to get a great workout and a shorter period of time. This work out involves short bursts of high-intensity activity, followed by lower intensity activities to burn fat and boost metabolism. This HIIT workout will target all major muscle groups as well as cardio training and is suitable for all ability levels.
30 min / Laura Freitag / Fitness Room

WARFIT – Great mix of cardio and weight training for total body conditioning with a variation of exercise routines sure to keep you in a fat burning zone. A high intensity workout great for beginners to advanced.
1 hr / Warlette Journee / Conditioning Room

Abs Zone – An intense workout targeting abdominal muscles, using weights, cylinder tubing, body bars, standing and floor work.
30 min / Erica Lindig / Fitness Room

Butts & Guts – An intense class targeting glutes, inner and outer thighs, calves, squats, and guts.  Both using weights, body bars and tubing.  Full body stretch.
45 min / Erica Lindig / Fitness Room

Butts & Legs – An intense toning and strengthening workout
concentrating on buttocks, hips, hamstrings and quads.

Total Body Circuit – Complete upper and lower body workout using steps, dumbbells and combination moves. This multilevel, interval workout will alternate between cardio/fat burning stages for progressive fat reduction, muscle strength and flexibility.
1 hr / Laura Freitag  / Fitness Room

Spin – Spinning is a ride of various positions performed on a stationary Schwinn bicycle.  This great workout for the entire body with varying intensity levels and different poses that target specific muscle groups.  Spinning will challenge the beginner as well as the advanced fitness enthusiast.
1 hr / Warlette Journee / Spin Studio

Yoga – This is a medium-paced Vinyasa style class that allows you to flow through your practice while working on your poses.  Prepare to work on strength and flexibility while building endurance, improving the breath, and perfecting posture.  This class accommodates a wide range of experience levels for beginners to advanced practitioners alike.
1.5 Hrs / Tue Joelle/ Thur – River / Fitness Room

Zumba – Each Zumba® class is designed to bring people together to sweat it on. It is a cardio work out that mixes Latin and World rhythm music with low-intensity and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party.  A total workout, combining all elements of fitness – cardio, muscle conditioning, balance, flexibility and increase energy.
1 hr / Claudia Vallejo / Fitness Room

Members must complete both the warm up and cool down phases of group fitness classes. For your own safety, members who arrive late may be prevented from participating in a class if they do not have sufficient time to warm up.

Non Members are welcome to participate at an additional charge. Please see front desk for details.